Abak Enterprise is the complete office project management software
for larger corporations that need unparalleled flexibility in managing
their employees, time, expenses, projects, and subcontractors, including
automatic features taking place throughout the software, thus,
streamlining the timekeeping and project management processes.

Abak, designed for companies of all sizes, is a time and billing and
project management software specifically designed to prevent underbilling
and lost time. Its management reporting capabilities allow detailed
analyses of productivity and workflow, for better control of clients,
sub-contractors, vendors and resources. With its Microsoft Outlook look
and feel, Abak is a workhorse for resource planning, budget management,
project management, time and expense management, report generation, and
work-in-progress analysis. Its already-powerful reporting features are
further enhanced with its ability to integrate with Crystal Reports.

Abak 6, the most recent version of Groupe AGI Inc.ís (727-561-9619); client/server-based time and billing, workflow
and project management software package is a workhorse designed to
minimize lost time. The program is designed for all company sizes
(fully scalable) that need to control under-billing and manage their
client, sub-contractor and vendor relationships as well as monitor
their resources.