Our agents are very experienced working with relocating home buyers. Specializing for many years in the needs of relocating home buyers, our agents understand that relocating home buyers need a full time agent who will devote full time to the home search, inspections and plans for settlement, one relocating home buyer at a time.

After changing jobs, relocating home and then paying for a dream wedding, their financial resources were beginning to run dry. During the past several years AMJ Campbell has provided valuable help to thousands of relocating home buyers. Relocating home and family may solve this access problem but is extremely disruptive, further hindering their quality of life.

Feel free to put in as much information about your relocating home as you have possible so our investors will have a better idea of what you need. If you are a relocating home buyer and need information mailed to you, we will send a personalized information package just for you.

AMJ Campbell offers a structured repatriation program, with established procedures throughout the assignment, to assist the assignee and family in successfully relocating home or to another assignment.